Money Saving Tips

Set thermostat at one temperature. Constant adjusting can cause higher utility costs. If using your thermostat as a setback type,

 limit the setbacks to twice a day such as when you are at work and when you are sleeping. Only setback the thermostat 6% of desired temperature (approximately five degrees).

In heating, try not to set the thermostat below 65 degrees or above 75 degrees. Below 65 degrees a heat pump just won't put out enough heat and above 75 degrees is using too much energy. In cooling, try not to set the thermostat below 70 degrees.

Besides higher utility costs, this can cause the indoor coil to freeze and cause condensation in the house.                        


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You'll save hundreds of dollars on the price of your new system. 

And the savinggs will continue for years to come, since a high-efficiency system means

lower electric bills month after month.  So while a high-efficiency cooling and heating system

may cost a little more up front compared to less efficient system, you'll recover the price

difference in a very short time.